Tracking information has not updated in a few days. Whats next?

Orders that have not been scanned by shipping carriers (USPS and FedEx) may not update with accurate tracking details. If your tracking number is not reflecting movement after a number of days, please contact our customer service team at If your order has been lost lost or misplaced by the carrier, we recommend submitting a claim with carrier either directly or through our customer service team. 


Please submit a ticket with our support team and we will take the following action:


1. We will follow up with the carrier to gain an understanding of where the order is and you will hear back from our support team in 48 hours as we will need to give the carrier some time to investigate the order's whereabouts.


In rare cases, the package may be in transit and the carrier has forgotten to scan the order at its most recent stop. This means that the order may become delivered with no prior communication that the package has arrived at your residence.


2. If the package is declared lost, MFAM will provide you with support by filing a lost package claim with the carrier.


3. Lost package claims will be provided a response within 30 days from the date of filing.


Please note: It is not a guarantee that lost package claims will receive a response by the carrier.